Social Escorts Versus Sugar Babies In Singapore – What’s The Difference?

So a lot of people have messaged us, and asked us what are essentially some of the main differences between social escorts and sugar babies in the geographical context of Singapore. Here they are.

Before we move on, I want to clarify something. There has also recently been features in the news about friend rentals. But, sugar babies and escorts are not to be confused with rent a friend services, which are a completely different entity. Here is a full article on why social escorts in Singapore are different and cost much more than rent a friend services in Singapore:

Firstly, social escorts are engaged on a per appointment basis. Basically, they are pay per meet, while almost all sugar babies in Singapore are engaged on a monthly allowance basis. If you are seldom in the country, and want something more economical and fun and convenient, then social escorts is more suitable for you. If you want something with more strings attached, then a sugar baby will be more suited for you.

Secondly, social escorts are usually engaged through a registered agency in Singapore. If you want to meet an escort in Singapore, you contact an escort agency. Whereas, sugar babies are usually just like girls you meet on any regular dating website. You log onto a dating platform and then chat up the girls just like how you usually do on Tinder.

Thirdly, all escorts in Singapore only meet you as part of their work, and have zero intentions to enter into your private life. Escorts are truly no strings attached. However, not all sugar babies want just that. There may be some sugar babies in Singapore who want more than just a sugar baby and daddy relationship. That is why on these platforms, you will notice some girls write they are actually looking for a wealthy boyfriend, not just a sugar daddy.

Fourthly, you have minimal contact points if you looked for an escort through a registered agency. I repeat again that you should only do business with legally registered Pte Ltd agencies or you are asking for eventual trouble. If you want maximum privacy, contact only legally registered Pte Ltd escort agencies. You always need to deal with one agent only. When it comes to sugar babies, you will need to contact each girl separately. This means that the more girls you contact, the more your privacy will be given away if you are super conscious about it.

Finally, most escorts are classy and well educated in Singapore. Sugar babies can be even more classy and eloquent, however, a handful of them are crass. However, this is a small point as you can simply overcome this issue by simply doing your due diligence beforehand.

What Are The Dating Options For Men In Singapore?

As a man in Singapore, what are some of your dating options? There are actually three of them. They are namely dating services by matchmakers, sugar dating websites and escort agencies. Each of them have different advantages and disadvantages, and are suitable for different purposes.

In this article, let us discuss more about each of them.

Dating agencies in Singapore

Singapore dating agencies are basically matchmakers. However there are four main types of them.

The first kind are specialized matchmakers, and will only provide matchmaking services. These are the most premium of them all.

The second kind is an agency which will provide and hold speed dating events.

The third type is not really a full dating agency, but upsells you dating coaching packages and makeover programs to help you get a higher chance of snagging the girl that you want.

The fourth type will be an agency which is a combination of the above.

I recommend you stick to the first type if you are looking for true love and are a busy professional.

Sugar dating websites

Moving on to more short term dating options, let us talk about sugar dating websites.

There is no one bigger than Seeking when it comes to sugar dating websites. While there are other smaller regional players such as The Sugar Book, Seeking is the granddaddy of them all.

These are basically websites which operate highly similar to regular dating websites such as Tinder or OkCupid or Match. The main difference is that as a man, you use your wealth and intelligence to attract the women instead of using a hot photo of yourself. This is a great platform for men who wish to exhibit their wealth, however may be lacking in the looks department. This is because girls on these sugar dating platforms are looking for rich men, not handsome men!

This is also a great place for men who may be a little older, and want a younger girl’s attention, but are unable to do so on a regular dating website such as Match.

Escort websites

Another type of short term dating option available in Singapore, social escorts can be very popular too.

Escort websites are pretty straightforward, as I have discussed pretty extensively about them in the previous posts before.

There are basically 3 types of escort websites.

The first type is that of social escort agencies. These are registered agencies based in Singapore who connect you up with girls. If they are reputable, you will be able to get a great looking girl and a great experience. So make sure to Google and make sure that the site is reputable before using them.

The second type of escort websites are directories or classified ads. These are places where both escorts and agencies are free to list their websites and services. You will need to navigate around these carefully, because many freelancers and independent escorts tend to use fake photos. This happens more often than not, so make sure to do your own due diligence – especially when it comes to freelancers! You may want to take this advice – if they show you the full face, there is a good chance it is a stolen image.

The third type of social escort websites in Singapore are those belonging to freelancers or what some Singaporeans call freelance girls. These are independents who choose to create their own official website, and list their photos and prices on their own website. If you want to go with independents, then going this route is usually safer.

What Is Legal And Illegal For Clients Finding Social Escorts In Singapore?

Are social escorts legal to engage in Singapore from agencies such as SG VIP Escort or perhaps an independent like Risque Rebecca or Courtesan Cara? The short answer is yes. However, there may be some things you want to note, especially if you are a first time client in Singapore.

Escorts are perfectly legal to engage

And yes, we are referring to female social escorts in SG.

Singapore escort

There are lots of things that can make it illegal, but for now, let us talk about what is legal first.

It is generally safe to engage the services of a social escort in Singapore. However, you want note the following caveats among others or you may get into issues sooner or later.

The girl must be above age 18

If you find an independent who is underage, you will get into trouble.

I suggest verifying the identities of independents or simply engage a registered Pte Ltd agency to avoid the troubles.

As long as you stick to media featured or simply well known and established Singapore escort agencies, you should generally be fine.

If this is the first time you are in Singapore, then note that the minimum age for most adult entertainment in Singapore is 18, including night clubs, bars as well.

The girl should be a citizen

Singapore does not take too kindly to visitors who work in Singapore illegally as escorts or whatever, if they do not have the work permit for it. In general, you should be safe as long as you contact only Singaporean social escorts. However, since most of you prefer a local Singaporean escort anyway, this should be fine.

Singapore does not issue work passes for escorts and social visit passes are not eligible for work

While you may not get persecuted for engaging the services of a foreigner in Singapore, many foreigners work under an agency or syndicate. This means that if the police busts the agency or syndicate for illegal aliens working in Singapore, you may be questioned… In Singapore, that is also known as ‘Lim Kopi’ at Cantonment – euphemism for being investigated by the police.

So, avoid such issues by only meeting Singaporean escorts while in Singapore.

After all, if you prefer foreigners such as Thai or Viet girls, then do yourself a legal favour, and simply hop on a short plane ride over! South East Asia is relatively small after all.

Singapore police arresting illegal foreign workers
Source: Singapore Police Force

Do not implicate yourself while on a trip in Singapore. Do not mess up your business or leisure trip to the sunny island of Singapore!

So what is illegal in this landscape in Singapore?

So while it sounds like lots are legal in Singapore, I assure that there are lots of activities which can be illegal in Singapore as well.

prostitution Singapore
Source: The Straits Times

Just keep in mind that, “Just because you are not yet dead, does not mean you are immortal”. This phrase comes in handy.

Do not break laws in Singapore, especially when the local police is strict about it! Make sure to read till the end before finding any SG girl!

If prostitution is legal in Singapore, why are there vice clampdowns on something less ‘extreme’ such as social escorts?

Some people think that because if something so extreme as prostitution in Singapore is legal, there can be no way that engaging a social escort in any form is illegal… especiallly when it is way less taboo as well!

Here are some of the reasons, and some of them can affect you as a client.

Social escort websites pimping sexual services

If you go onto dodgier websites in Singapore, you may find that certain websites try to sell ‘extra services’ or sexual services from their escorts from you. While the general website does not do this, clearly, you want to avoid escort websites which writes this.

Because, you can rest assured that the Singapore Police Force is already on them, and you definitely do not want to spoil your mood if the girls and you get caught in the middle of a full blown operations. Keep in mind this has happened several times in history before.

So, make sure to clearly avoid websites promoting prostitution.

Clients publicly soliciting prostitution

While vice news articles are mostly covering the topics of agencies living off the earnings of prostitution, foreigner girls working under invalid work permits or underage girls, did you know that you as a client can directly get into trouble as well?

The news does not publish this perhaps because such news are less sensational.

While prostitution is legal in Singapore, public solicitation of it is not. This is not just about the girls trying to solicit. This includes clients trying to solicit it publicly from the girls or agencies or websites or whatnot!

Do not attempt to solicit prostitution in Singapore. It is punishable.

And, the Internet and messaging and SMSes can still be considered public by law. So do not do it. Period.

Clients engaging services of girls below 18

Finally, the ‘duh’ caveat. Do not date underage girls. Even if you are not going for escorts, but simply using a local dating mobile app like Tinder or Paktor, do not do it if you are an adult!

Why Clients Usually Prefer Real Local SG Social Escorts Over Foreigners

Why do so many social escort clients in Singapore prefer a local SG girl?

Escorts of all races and nationalities can be found in Singapore. However, one group remains exceedingly popular, and that is local girls. This can be surprising to some, while expected to others.

Nonetheless, the following are some reasons why Singapore’s local escorts are so appealing to a majority of clients!

Local Singaporean escorts are seen as hard to get

Girls of certain nationalities may be seen as ‘easy’. While guys may not necessarily like a challenge, they definitely subconsciously want someone who is ‘hard to get’.

Some Singapore girls are known to be stuck up. They may not respond positively even to guys whom they like. This is the case if you tried to approach them in a normal situation.

This can be unlike some girls from Western countries, who are seen as easy dating ‘preys’. As a result of this ‘hard to get’ impression that many guys have of local girls, getting a Singapore escort is that much more alluring.

Local SG girls have a conservative vibe and makes it more attractive

Singapore girls are known to be more conservative than most other girls. It really is this potent mix of ‘hard to get’ factor mentioned in the previous point and them being seen as conservative that makes local social escorts seen as that much more desirable.

For instance, if you went to an European country or Australia, you would not be as surprised if a random girl on the street told you they work as a social escort.

However, when it comes to Singapore, you will probably be shocked.

They are classy and educated

Most local girls who work as social escorts are usually classy and well educated. The reason for Singaporeans being well educated has more to do with the country. Most citizens in the country think that formal education is very important. As a result, the locals study as much as they possibly can.

Therefore, most real Singaporean escorts you will ever meet are usually that of a Diploma or Bachelor’s degree graduate or an undergraduate.

They are often very classy and educated at the same time, making them the perfect paid companions whether for a private or public engagement.

They do not have any weird accents

If you are a foreigner to South East Asia and looking to engage a social escort with whom you will not have a language barrier with, then Singapore’s escorts are most suitable for you.

Everyone in SG speaks fluent conversational English, and that is especially the case when it comes to the creme de la creme – the top social escorts.

This makes communication an ease when it comes to engaging a local girl in SG.

They’re just beautiful!

Last but not least, who can deny the fact that Singapore girls are beautiful?


Should You Be A Social Escort Or Sugar Baby In Singapore?

Is being a social escort or a sugar baby a better idea for you in Singapore? Both are essentially the same thing which is being paid to be someone’s girlfriend with no strings attached, with very minor differences between them.

However, these seemingly minor differences can be huge to you, depending on your personal preferences. Let us look at some of the criteria you should look at before deciding.

Singapore girl thinking
Singapore girl thinking

Your nationality

Unfortunately, if your nationality is not Singaporean or a permanent resident, you do not have a choice. You can be a sugar baby, but probably not an escort. The reason for that is simple. As a sugar baby, you are given an allowance. However, as an escort, you are given a fee or wage which is based of your services rendered within the Republic of Singapore. This means as an escort, you are technically working, while as a sugar baby, you are being ‘pampered’.

However, if you are a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident, you have the option.

Do you have the free time to sort through sugar daddies or is making money now and fast more important to you?

Every girl’s need is different – that is why some stay social escorts, while others shun from it and stay as sugar babies.

If making money now and fast is crucial to you, being a female escort is the easier way out by far

Ultimately, being a female escort is like having a job. While you could ‘build your business’ by having multiple sugar daddies, it takes way lot more time – something which may not be feasible if you are a student or work a job or run a small business yourself.

Therefore, if you need money now and fast, it is more recommended to simply join a registered and legal agency in Singapore to work as an escort. There will be different criteria you should look at before joining an agency, but we will leave that for a future post. For now, you only want to join a Private Limited registered and legal agency in Singapore to keep things simple, if this is the route you actually want to go! (For the people asking why, let me ask you this, “Would you apply for a marketing or HR job if your employer had no website presence and no company registration? It would scream scam!”)

If you have lots of time and want to sort through people

There are girls with lots of free time. Perhaps they are in between jobs, or are simply not the type to enjoy going out with friends or family on the weekends and weeknights. For these people, it may be ideal for you to start out entering this world by first becoming a sugar baby. Dipping your toes into this industry is easier when you are a sugar baby, as it is more similar to looking for a date. Being an escort is exactly the same as having a job.

Are you ready for commitment over texting when it comes to sugar dating?

While most sugar daddies are fine upfront, as long as you sift through the desperate ones or low ballers, some are the ‘silent-killers’. They kill all of your free time. What do I mean by this?

The reason most guys become sugar daddies, and most girls become sugar babies is because they want to escape commitment and want no strings attached relationships only. However, some sugar daddies tend to become clingy over time. Most of them only compensate you for the time you physically spend with them.. certainly not the texting time on phone with you. However, they tend to text you daily as though you were their girlfriend.

In a way, you texting them daily is akin to working over time (OT) every day without ever going to get paid for the emotional stress and time. If you really loved them, you would not be a sugar baby, but a girlfriend instead. Therefore, you do not really love them. Are you ready for potentially this endless messaging with someone you are only with because of the money?

However, clients who seek out social escorts have absolutely no desire to keep in contact

As you can tell from this post, Singaporean men do not look for escorts for the exact same reasons as those who search for sugar babies.

The main difference is that Singapore men who seek out social escorts want the least amount of financial and emotional commitment with the girls. Whereas, that may not necessarily be the case when it comes to Singaporean sugar daddies!

Are you willing to show your face FIRST to strangers whom you’ve not seen pictures of too & whom may never show you after you send them?

While social escorts in Singapore need not show their entire faces on legit agency websites or to the clients before booking, few sugar daddy will pick you up or offer you anything if they do not see you before their first meeting.

The reason for this simple discrepancy is because clients can trust an agency’s recommendations, especially for existing clients. However, most sugar babies camp on sites such as Seeking Arrangement, and since it is just a platform, there are no recommendations by the website, thus they have to depend on luck if they do not see your full face before meeting.

Privacy conscious people would avoid being a sugar baby.

In conclusion…

Most sugar babies eventually transition to escort work, or completely stop. This tells you a lot about the differences between the two – it is probably easier to accept working as a sugar baby, before realizing that being an escort is better.

So should you directly jump to being an escort? Probably not. From the girls we have interviewed in Singapore, it is far easier first to be a sugar baby, know how it all works, then transition over to being a social escort. That way, you learn the ropes easier, and get to become a high income earner right off the bat with less work when you eventually transition over to being a social escort!