Finding Real Singaporean Independent Social Escorts & Escort Agencies

Here is how to find REAL (not fake) SG escorts. True SG girls.

If you are into Singaporean girls, and want to meet Singaporean social escorts, be it independents or simply through an agency, you are in luck!

Here are some quirks you may want to notice and take down if you intend to look for local, Singaporean girls.

Independent escorts who are Singaporeans are nearly impossible to locate and find.

First of all, independents are significantly harder to find in Singapore. This is if you want local SG girls. This is very simply due to many Singaporean girls being very conservative. Additionally, SG girls who work as Singapore escorts are also usually students or full time working adults. This means that they do not have the time to market, verify and meet clients. Hence, only a tiny handful of Singaporean locals are actually independents. One of the more popular independents in Singapore got to be Risqué Rebecca, who has also been featured on Cleo, e.t.c. before.

Random disclaimer about most ‘Singaporean’ escorts on Singapore’s independent escort listing sites

You may also want to note that while many girls claim to be Singaporean escorts on independent listing sites, they are almost always of South-East Asian descent, not true Singaporeans. In fact, even Filipinos and China Chinese sometimes claim they are Singaporean. If you do want a real local Singaporean social escort who is an independent, then Risqué Rebecca may very well be a good option.

Most Singaporean social escorts are found at an agency.

Second of all, due to many Singaporean girls doing social escort services only on a part time basis, most Singaporean girls are working with or behind an agency. Searching for a registered, good and reputable agency in Singapore will definitely ensure that you will have local Singaporean girls to meet. An example of a local social escort agency will be SG VIP Escorts.

Of course, some agencies are still active, while some are no longer active. Therefore, you may want to contact them before checking through their list or photo gallery. Most escort agencies in Singapore offer a gallery, so you can look through them after you have verified that they are still operational. Otherwise, you may get too excited to book a particular girl, only to realize they are defunct since years ago.