What Is Legal And Illegal For Clients Finding Social Escorts In Singapore?

Are social escorts legal to engage in Singapore from agencies such as SG VIP Escort or perhaps an independent like Risque Rebecca or Courtesan Cara? The short answer is yes. However, there may be some things you want to note, especially if you are a first time client in Singapore.

Escorts are perfectly legal to engage

And yes, we are referring to female social escorts in SG.

Singapore escort

There are lots of things that can make it illegal, but for now, let us talk about what is legal first.

It is generally safe to engage the services of a social escort in Singapore. However, you want note the following caveats among others or you may get into issues sooner or later.

The girl must be above age 18

If you find an independent who is underage, you will get into trouble.

I suggest verifying the identities of independents or simply engage a registered Pte Ltd agency to avoid the troubles.

As long as you stick to media featured or simply well known and established Singapore escort agencies, you should generally be fine.

If this is the first time you are in Singapore, then note that the minimum age for most adult entertainment in Singapore is 18, including night clubs, bars as well.

The girl should be a citizen

Singapore does not take too kindly to visitors who work in Singapore illegally as escorts or whatever, if they do not have the work permit for it. In general, you should be safe as long as you contact only Singaporean social escorts. However, since most of you prefer a local Singaporean escort anyway, this should be fine.

Singapore does not issue work passes for escorts and social visit passes are not eligible for work

While you may not get persecuted for engaging the services of a foreigner in Singapore, many foreigners work under an agency or syndicate. This means that if the police busts the agency or syndicate for illegal aliens working in Singapore, you may be questioned… In Singapore, that is also known as ‘Lim Kopi’ at Cantonment – euphemism for being investigated by the police.

So, avoid such issues by only meeting Singaporean escorts while in Singapore.

After all, if you prefer foreigners such as Thai or Viet girls, then do yourself a legal favour, and simply hop on a short plane ride over! South East Asia is relatively small after all.

Singapore police arresting illegal foreign workers
Source: Singapore Police Force

Do not implicate yourself while on a trip in Singapore. Do not mess up your business or leisure trip to the sunny island of Singapore!

So what is illegal in this landscape in Singapore?

So while it sounds like lots are legal in Singapore, I assure that there are lots of activities which can be illegal in Singapore as well.

prostitution Singapore
Source: The Straits Times

Just keep in mind that, “Just because you are not yet dead, does not mean you are immortal”. This phrase comes in handy.

Do not break laws in Singapore, especially when the local police is strict about it! Make sure to read till the end before finding any SG girl!

If prostitution is legal in Singapore, why are there vice clampdowns on something less ‘extreme’ such as social escorts?

Some people think that because if something so extreme as prostitution in Singapore is legal, there can be no way that engaging a social escort in any form is illegal… especiallly when it is way less taboo as well!

Here are some of the reasons, and some of them can affect you as a client.

Social escort websites pimping sexual services

If you go onto dodgier websites in Singapore, you may find that certain websites try to sell ‘extra services’ or sexual services from their escorts from you. While the general website does not do this, clearly, you want to avoid escort websites which writes this.

Because, you can rest assured that the Singapore Police Force is already on them, and you definitely do not want to spoil your mood if the girls and you get caught in the middle of a full blown operations. Keep in mind this has happened several times in history before.

So, make sure to clearly avoid websites promoting prostitution.

Clients publicly soliciting prostitution

While vice news articles are mostly covering the topics of agencies living off the earnings of prostitution, foreigner girls working under invalid work permits or underage girls, did you know that you as a client can directly get into trouble as well?

The news does not publish this perhaps because such news are less sensational.

While prostitution is legal in Singapore, public solicitation of it is not. This is not just about the girls trying to solicit. This includes clients trying to solicit it publicly from the girls or agencies or websites or whatnot!

Do not attempt to solicit prostitution in Singapore. It is punishable.

And, the Internet and messaging and SMSes can still be considered public by law. So do not do it. Period.

Clients engaging services of girls below 18

Finally, the ‘duh’ caveat. Do not date underage girls. Even if you are not going for escorts, but simply using a local dating mobile app like Tinder or Paktor, do not do it if you are an adult!