So a lot of people have messaged us, and asked us what are essentially some of the main differences between social escorts and sugar babies in the geographical context of Singapore. Here they are.

Before we move on, I want to clarify something. There has also recently been features in the news about friend rentals. But, sugar babies and escorts are not to be confused with rent a friend services, which are a completely different entity. Here is a full article on why social escorts in Singapore are different and cost much more than rent a friend services in Singapore:

Firstly, social escorts are engaged on a per appointment basis. Basically, they are pay per meet, while almost all sugar babies in Singapore are engaged on a monthly allowance basis. If you are seldom in the country, and want something more economical and fun and convenient, then social escorts is more suitable for you. If you want something with more strings attached, then a sugar baby will be more suited for you.

Secondly, social escorts are usually engaged through a registered agency in Singapore. If you want to meet an escort in Singapore, you contact an escort agency. Whereas, sugar babies are usually just like girls you meet on any regular dating website. You log onto a dating platform and then chat up the girls just like how you usually do on Tinder.

Thirdly, all escorts in Singapore only meet you as part of their work, and have zero intentions to enter into your private life. Escorts are truly no strings attached. However, not all sugar babies want just that. There may be some sugar babies in Singapore who want more than just a sugar baby and daddy relationship. That is why on these platforms, you will notice some girls write they are actually looking for a wealthy boyfriend, not just a sugar daddy.

Fourthly, you have minimal contact points if you looked for an escort through a registered agency. I repeat again that you should only do business with legally registered Pte Ltd agencies or you are asking for eventual trouble. If you want maximum privacy, contact only legally registered Pte Ltd escort agencies. You always need to deal with one agent only. When it comes to sugar babies, you will need to contact each girl separately. This means that the more girls you contact, the more your privacy will be given away if you are super conscious about it.

Finally, most escorts are classy and well educated in Singapore. Sugar babies can be even more classy and eloquent, however, a handful of them are crass. However, this is a small point as you can simply overcome this issue by simply doing your due diligence beforehand.