What Are The Dating Options For Men In Singapore?

As a man in Singapore, what are some of your dating options? There are actually three of them. They are namely dating services by matchmakers, sugar dating websites and escort agencies. Each of them have different advantages and disadvantages, and are suitable for different purposes. In this article, let us discuss more about each of […]

What Is Legal And Illegal For Clients Finding Social Escorts In Singapore?

Are social escorts legal to engage in Singapore from agencies such as SG VIP Escort or perhaps an independent like Risque Rebecca or Courtesan Cara? The short answer is yes. However, there may be some things you want to note, especially if you are a first time client in Singapore. Escorts are perfectly legal to […]

Why Clients Usually Prefer Real Local SG Social Escorts Over Foreigners

Why do so many social escort clients in Singapore prefer a local SG girl? Escorts of all races and nationalities can be found in Singapore. However, one group remains exceedingly popular, and that is local girls. This can be surprising to some, while expected to others. Nonetheless, the following are some reasons why Singapore’s local […]

Should You Be A Social Escort Or Sugar Baby In Singapore?

Is being a social escort or a sugar baby a better idea for you in Singapore? Both are essentially the same thing which is being paid to be someone’s girlfriend with no strings attached, with very minor differences between them. However, these seemingly minor differences can be huge to you, depending on your personal preferences. […]

Finding Real Singaporean Independent Social Escorts & Escort Agencies

Here is how to find REAL (not fake) SG escorts. True SG girls. If you are into Singaporean girls, and want to meet Singaporean social escorts, be it independents or simply through an agency, you are in luck! Here are some quirks you may want to notice and take down if you intend to look […]