Is being a social escort or a sugar baby a better idea for you in Singapore? Both are essentially the same thing which is being paid to be someone’s girlfriend with no strings attached, with very minor differences between them.

However, these seemingly minor differences can be huge to you, depending on your personal preferences. Let us look at some of the criteria you should look at before deciding.

Singapore girl thinking
Singapore girl thinking

Your nationality

Unfortunately, if your nationality is not Singaporean or a permanent resident, you do not have a choice. You can be a sugar baby, but probably not an escort. The reason for that is simple. As a sugar baby, you are given an allowance. However, as an escort, you are given a fee or wage which is based of your services rendered within the Republic of Singapore. This means as an escort, you are technically working, while as a sugar baby, you are being ‘pampered’.

However, if you are a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident, you have the option.

Do you have the free time to sort through sugar daddies or is making money now and fast more important to you?

Every girl’s need is different – that is why some stay social escorts, while others shun from it and stay as sugar babies.

If making money now and fast is crucial to you, being a female escort is the easier way out by far

Ultimately, being a female escort is like having a job. While you could ‘build your business’ by having multiple sugar daddies, it takes way lot more time – something which may not be feasible if you are a student or work a job or run a small business yourself.

Therefore, if you need money now and fast, it is more recommended to simply join a registered and legal agency in Singapore to work as an escort. There will be different criteria you should look at before joining an agency, but we will leave that for a future post. For now, you only want to join a Private Limited registered and legal agency in Singapore to keep things simple, if this is the route you actually want to go! (For the people asking why, let me ask you this, “Would you apply for a marketing or HR job if your employer had no website presence and no company registration? It would scream scam!”)

If you have lots of time and want to sort through people

There are girls with lots of free time. Perhaps they are in between jobs, or are simply not the type to enjoy going out with friends or family on the weekends and weeknights. For these people, it may be ideal for you to start out entering this world by first becoming a sugar baby. Dipping your toes into this industry is easier when you are a sugar baby, as it is more similar to looking for a date. Being an escort is exactly the same as having a job.

Are you ready for commitment over texting when it comes to sugar dating?

While most sugar daddies are fine upfront, as long as you sift through the desperate ones or low ballers, some are the ‘silent-killers’. They kill all of your free time. What do I mean by this?

The reason most guys become sugar daddies, and most girls become sugar babies is because they want to escape commitment and want no strings attached relationships only. However, some sugar daddies tend to become clingy over time. Most of them only compensate you for the time you physically spend with them.. certainly not the texting time on phone with you. However, they tend to text you daily as though you were their girlfriend.

In a way, you texting them daily is akin to working over time (OT) every day without ever going to get paid for the emotional stress and time. If you really loved them, you would not be a sugar baby, but a girlfriend instead. Therefore, you do not really love them. Are you ready for potentially this endless messaging with someone you are only with because of the money?

However, clients who seek out social escorts have absolutely no desire to keep in contact

As you can tell from this post, Singaporean men do not look for escorts for the exact same reasons as those who search for sugar babies.

The main difference is that Singapore men who seek out social escorts want the least amount of financial and emotional commitment with the girls. Whereas, that may not necessarily be the case when it comes to Singaporean sugar daddies!

Are you willing to show your face FIRST to strangers whom you’ve not seen pictures of too & whom may never show you after you send them?

While social escorts in Singapore need not show their entire faces on legit agency websites or to the clients before booking, few sugar daddy will pick you up or offer you anything if they do not see you before their first meeting.

The reason for this simple discrepancy is because clients can trust an agency’s recommendations, especially for existing clients. However, most sugar babies camp on sites such as Seeking Arrangement, and since it is just a platform, there are no recommendations by the website, thus they have to depend on luck if they do not see your full face before meeting.

Privacy conscious people would avoid being a sugar baby.

In conclusion…

Most sugar babies eventually transition to escort work, or completely stop. This tells you a lot about the differences between the two – it is probably easier to accept working as a sugar baby, before realizing that being an escort is better.

So should you directly jump to being an escort? Probably not. From the girls we have interviewed in Singapore, it is far easier first to be a sugar baby, know how it all works, then transition over to being a social escort. That way, you learn the ropes easier, and get to become a high income earner right off the bat with less work when you eventually transition over to being a social escort!