Why Clients Usually Prefer Real Local SG Social Escorts Over Foreigners

Why do so many social escort clients in Singapore prefer a local SG girl?

Escorts of all races and nationalities can be found in Singapore. However, one group remains exceedingly popular, and that is local girls. This can be surprising to some, while expected to others.

Nonetheless, the following are some reasons why Singapore’s local escorts are so appealing to a majority of clients!

Local Singaporean escorts are seen as hard to get

Girls of certain nationalities may be seen as ‘easy’. While guys may not necessarily like a challenge, they definitely subconsciously want someone who is ‘hard to get’.

Some Singapore girls are known to be stuck up. They may not respond positively even to guys whom they like. This is the case if you tried to approach them in a normal situation.

This can be unlike some girls from Western countries, who are seen as easy dating ‘preys’. As a result of this ‘hard to get’ impression that many guys have of local girls, getting a Singapore escort is that much more alluring.

Local SG girls have a conservative vibe and makes it more attractive

Singapore girls are known to be more conservative than most other girls. It really is this potent mix of ‘hard to get’ factor mentioned in the previous point and them being seen as conservative that makes local social escorts seen as that much more desirable.

For instance, if you went to an European country or Australia, you would not be as surprised if a random girl on the street told you they work as a social escort.

However, when it comes to Singapore, you will probably be shocked.

They are classy and educated

Most local girls who work as social escorts are usually classy and well educated. The reason for Singaporeans being well educated has more to do with the country. Most citizens in the country think that formal education is very important. As a result, the locals study as much as they possibly can.

Therefore, most real Singaporean escorts you will ever meet are usually that of a Diploma or Bachelor’s degree graduate or an undergraduate.

They are often very classy and educated at the same time, making them the perfect paid companions whether for a private or public engagement.

They do not have any weird accents

If you are a foreigner to South East Asia and looking to engage a social escort with whom you will not have a language barrier with, then Singapore’s escorts are most suitable for you.

Everyone in SG speaks fluent conversational English, and that is especially the case when it comes to the creme de la creme – the top social escorts.

This makes communication an ease when it comes to engaging a local girl in SG.

They’re just beautiful!

Last but not least, who can deny the fact that Singapore girls are beautiful?